18x18* USB Compliant Audio Interface

DICE USB is a CMOS-based, Class 2.0 Compliant Audio Streaming USB Controller with an on-board ARM™ processor. DICE USB is designed for everything from simple two channel I/O boxes to complex interfaces.

DICE USB is available in 4x4-channel and 18x18-channel versions, for support of up to 18 channels of USB audio in both directions. USB audio can be routed to and from standard digital interface formats, using DICE USB's on-board ADAT and AES/SPDIF transceivers, and to and from A/D, D/A and DSP, using its fully configurable InS/TDM interface. Both asynchronous and synchronous USB audio streaming is supported.

With its high level of integration, patented JetPLL™ technology for virtually jitter-free performance, and internal memory, DICE USB is a true single chip solution for USB audio of the highest performance and quality.

The DICE Broadband Streaming Engine handles all aspects of moving data without placing realtime load on the host processor.

The complete DICE Firmware SDK supports Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) libraries and protocol stacks for USB.

  • InS/TDM Audio Interface
  • Dual ADAT Receivers
  • AES/SPDIF Transceivers
  • USB 2.0
  • Onboard Mixer
  • JetPLL Clock Technology
  • ARM926 32-bit RISC Processor with cache

Price US$ per piece
Model Package 1 - 99 pcs 100 - 999 pcs 1,000 - 10,000 pcs > 10,000 pcs
TCD3020-CG QFN-148 74.25 18.56 14.85 9.00