About Us

Coolaudio is a leading innovator and provider of high performance, low cost analog and mixed signal IP cores.The company was founded by a group of highly experienced analog and mixed signal IC design experts. Its cutting edge designs make it possible to deliver the most cost-effective high performance IC solutions in the shortest turn around time possible. We are a global semicon company with foundry services and cooperation with leading IC manufacturers, as well as fab-lite and fab-less semiconductor suppliers in USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Coolaudio delivers the most competitive IC design service solutions to you and can give your product an extra competitive edge in high performance and reduced die due to its core competency in optimization.

Coolaudio provides the extensive wafer foundry support required to ensure "right first time" performance analog solutions in silicon. These include a comprehensive analog design environment, with ED and layout support, through to wide ranging Integrated Yield Management and Device Engineering support, to ensure optimal product yields.

Coolaudio at a glance:

  • World Class Management &Technical Team: One of the most extensive design service companies in China
  • Advanced Disciplined Design Flow: Ensures predictable, repeatable results. Our strength is in deep submicron solutions
  • Sophisticated Design Optimization: Lower power, smaller die, performance optimizations
  • Customer Choice Turnkey Manufacturing: Solid internal team of test, PE, and Quality engineers
  • Large IP Portfolio: Consumer &wired communication products, ASICs,ASSPs, and SOCs
  • Efficient China Design Factory Concept Highest expertise at every step